Our Town Reno

Our Town Reno

This is Our Town Reno audio street chronicles, a podcast by Our Town Reno. Here, you’ll hear raw unfiltered stories and opinions from the streets of Reno. We do live reporting and spoken word. We address issues of homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, the disappearance of public space and the value of helping each other out. As Reno rebrands, what happens to our most vulnerable?

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    Legendary Baby Bleu, An Unsheltered Prostitute Surviving Winter

    Legendary Baby Bleu was homeless when we met her and had recently survived winter on the streets. She described how she started being a prostitute as a high school student and how a bad relationship left her fending for herself 24/7.

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    Joanne, 73, A Reader on the Streets after Facing Mounting Bills

    “I've been on the streets for about six months, but (soon) when I get my check, I am going to have a room. I'm on the streets because there were a lot of bills I had to pay so I couldn't pay rent and everything, so I just did the only thing that I could do.” It's terrible that in our society elders among us who worked hard their whole lives face moments without shelter here in Reno during this cold, raw winter. Joanne tells her story to Our Town Reno reporters Jordan Blevins and Prince Nesta.

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    Life on the River, by Wendy Wiglesworth

    Wendy Wiglesworth who lived along the Truckee River for years explains how she got in that situation, how the shelter just didn't work for her and how the riverside community protects each other.

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    Leann Silvia, Researching about Student Homelessness

    "The fact that the university doesn't keep any record of it is partially explained by the fact that if they did, then they would recognize that there is a problem and once you recognize that there's a problem, you have to start to fix it. And I don't think homelessness is a priority for the university right now" We know extremely little about student homelessness but our guest Leann Silvia is trying to change that through her research at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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    Who Does the City Belong To? by Donald Griffin

    In our first episode, Donald Griffin records part of a spoken word poem he wrote for an Our Town Reno #localorelive live journalism event at the Desert Rose Inn in downtown Reno, where more and more motels are being demolished, worsening an affordable housing crisis and increasing homelessness.